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Export carpool case

General trade (China-Hong Kong logistics) bulk export carpool transportation

Shenzhou Qinren company provides China (mainly in Shenzhen and Hong Kong ports) import and export customs declaration and inspection; international trade agency (receiving and paying foreign exchange in mainland China and Hong Kong, agency export tax rebate, import tax payment, etc.); China-Hong Kong general trade line And domestic third-party logistics; international sea and air transportation traditional logistics services and international e-commerce logistics (Amazon FBA; Japan and South Korea Lotte special line; China-Europe railway special line, European and American air dispatch, Shanghai special line; Indonesia, Mexico, Bangladesh special line logistics; and international special line Express DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT (including small packages), etc. The main core business is China-Hong Kong logistics special line bulk cargo import and export business transportation.
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                        General trade(China-Hong Kong Logistics )Bulk cargo Export carpoolingTransport


1. Bulk export carpool transportation business process description:< /span>

  1. All customers (including peers) first Order online to Shenzhou Qinren customer service staff, you need to get the warehouse number. One single (ticket) one number.
  2. Customers are following orders with Shenzhou customer service Upload the customs declaration information corresponding to the above-mentioned warehouse entry number in the staff exchange group, and entrust the customs declaration to the customs broker designated by Shenzhou Qinren.
  3. Based on the above entry number Information arrangements for transportation companies or Shenzhou Qinren’s vehicles(< /span>lift) delivery And deliver it to the central warehouse of Bantian, Shenzhou Qinren, Longgang District, Shenzhen (map search: Shenzhou warehouse), or Shenzhen Airport transit warehouse, or other Shenzhou transit warehouses in the Pearl River Delta.
  4. Check it on the same day (or in advance) The goods with customs declaration information and delivered to the China warehouse within the specified time will be cleared the next morning if the customs clearance is smooth. The customs clearance will be completed on the day of customs clearance to complete the local delivery and warehouse work in Hong Kong.
  5. If the customs clearance encounters customs inspection, Depending on the release time, follow-up delivery and warehouse work will be done. Under normal circumstances, vehicles that are released before noon will complete more than 60% of the delivery work on that day. For vehicles released in the afternoon, the goods on the vehicles will be delivered to the warehouse the next day.


Two, the characteristics of bulk export carpooling freight:

Features of export carpooling: suitable for customs data cargo or high-frequency cargo. The speed is almost the same as that of a special car, and the cost savings can reach up to 90%.

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