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China-Hong Kong export tax rebate price list (RMB)
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China-Hong Kong export tax rebate price list (RMB)

★If the customer prepares the verification documents and needs to do general trade tax rebate export, the charges are as follows: 1. Customs declaration fee is 180 yuan/ticket, if there is a continuation page 50 yuan/page, if it needs to be replaced by 50 yuan/copy; 2 .Hong Kong carpool self-raising price list:
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China-Hong Kong export tax rebate price list (RMB)

★ China-Hong Kong export tax rebate price list (RMB)


1. Customs declaration fee is 180 yuan/ticket, if there is a renewal page, 50 yuan/page, if need to change certificate 50 yuan/copy;


2. Hong Kong carpool self-increasing price list:

volume weight price Remarks
-2 CBM -300 KG Minimum 200 yuan/ ticket Bigger first
+2CBM +300KG 100 yuan/ CBM or 0.65 yuan/ KG


3. Hong Kong Carpool Arrival Delivery Price List:

area Kowloon, New Territories Hong Kong Island, private warehouse, bulk air cargo warehouse Airport warehouse Shipping warehouse
Minimum Charge 200/vote 350/vote 400/vote 400/vote
Charges After the minimum charge is exceeded, the delivery fee will be 70 yuan/ CBM or 0.35 yuan/ KG (registration fee is extra: actual reimbursement)


4. Hong Kong ton (container) chartered car price list:

Vehicle Type 3 tons 5 tons 8 tons 10 tons 12 tons 15 tons 20 tons 40 tons
Weight limit 1.35 tons 3.8 tons 6.5 tons 7.8 tons 10 tons 13 tons 20 tons 25 tons
Limit load volume 13 CBM 20CBM 30CBM 35CBM 40CBM 48CBM 30CBM 58CBM
Departing from Shenzhen 1000元 1200元 1400元 1600元 1800元 2000元 1900元 2000元
Departing from Dongguan 1400元 1600元 1900元 2100元 2300元 2500元 2900元 3100元
Departing from Guangzhou 1900元 2100元 2800元 3000元 3300元 3500元 4000元 4100元


★ Pay for customs declaration: If the ordinary goods that do not need to be inspected can be paid for export, the payment fee is ¥200/ticket, other costs are the same as above (1 to 4)
★ Express customs declaration: A small amount of sample goods or goods that cannot be inspected can be declared by express. For the cost, please refer to the price list of China-Hong Kong export express.


The above is for reference only, and the pricing is based on the real-time logistics market

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