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Japan special line details

Japan special line details, Japan special line, split 50%
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Japan special line details

Japan special line split 50%

Pick up location Service country Withdrawal time limit after exit Service type   Back-end delivery Remarks
22-50 51-100 101KG+
Shenzhen Bantian Warehouse Japan FBA

No private address
5 working days Mainland flights 23 23 23 Sagawa delivery Only accept general cargo, delivery note Japan special line mainland flight (if not noted, default Hong Kong flight)
3-4 working days Hong Kong flights
26.5 26.5 26.5 Can pick up sensitive goods such as live and magnetic, delivery note Japan special line Hong Kong flight


Customers fill in the handover form and invoice (the electronic file declaration information is required for separate customs declarations) → the goods arrive at the Shenzhou Qinren warehouse→ self-ordering and posting LB→ customs clearance through the port→ UPS pickup and delivery

The above channels all contain oil and do not include tax; surcharges are added to the catalog (unknown products & high-value products please consult separately):


Customs declaration separately Mainland Airlines can accept customs declaration 350/ticket, renewal fee 50/page, minimum port fee 100RMB/ticket; Hongkong Airlines temporarily does not accept customs declaration
Tariff FBA is exempt from importer service fees, and tariffs are reimbursed. The prepaid handling fee is charged at 3% of the total tax amount, the exchange rate is 0.07, and the minimum is 50RMB/ticket;
With magnetic Flying to the mainland will charge an extra 480/product name
Add 3RMB/KG Foot grinder, water dancing sound, hourglass, watercolor pen, paint pen, the above products will be sold through Hong Kong channels plus 3/KG; thermometers, thermometers, medical beauty massage equipment, product manuals are provided , Inquiry for packaging pictures.
Remote Remote surcharge (Kagoshima, Hokkaido, Okinawa) requires an additional 3 yuan/KG minimum consumption of 150 yuan/ticket, 22KG minimum;
Extra size extra charge The weight of a single piece of goods is not less than 10KG, and the weight of less than 10KG is calculated as 10KG. Amazon Japan requires no more than 30KG, and the sum of length + width + height is within 160CM. FBA does not accept irregular packaging of goods; Our company requires unilateral not to exceed 120CM, three-sided sum not to exceed 200CM, actual weight not to exceed 40KG, overweight and long pieces, an additional 100 yuan/piece will be charged
Rejected product

Country bans on exports and airlines prohibited items such as counterfeit brands, liquids, powders, food, medicines, flammable and explosive, antiques, infringing products, large amounts of liquids, currencies, etc.;


If there is any violation of non-remarks, the goods will be confiscated and fined. Sensitive goods such as knives, live electricity, medical supplies, beauty massage equipment, liquid powder and other sensitive goods have not been declared or the declaration is inconsistent, and our company will find a minimum fine of 1000RMB when the goods are processed. /ticket.
Products in contact with food, ingestion, and direct contact with the human body (for example: tableware, knives, water cups, coffee pot juicers, beauty devices, massage sticks; and prescription glasses, reading glasses, and myopia.)

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Special instructions

1. Imitation brand, liquid, powder, food, medicine, flammable and explosive, antique, infringing products, mobile power, large amount of liquid, wooden box, strong magnet, currency are not accepted And other countries banned exports and airlines banned items;

2. If there is any non-remark behavior of flushing goods, the goods will be confiscated and fined. Sensitive goods such as knives, live, magnetic, liquid powder and other sensitive goods have not been declared or the declarations are not consistent, and our company will find a minimum fine of 1000RMB/ticket .

3. If the declared product name and quantity are inconsistent with the actual situation, or any problems caused by the untrue packing list and invoice information, our company will not bear any responsibility;

4. If the cargo system delivered to any channel of our company has been transferred or printed, the operation fee of 100RMB/ticket (before delivery) will be charged for the return of the shipment;

5. Our company will no longer do any review on the packaging. If the Amazon warehouse refuses to accept due to packaging and other issues, our company will not bear any responsibility.

6. Our company cannot guarantee 100% of all shipments found in the company. If the service provider refuses to accept the shipment due to problems with the goods itself, information, packaging, etc., all costs and liabilities incurred will be borne by the sender Undertake


1 Charging weight: The charging weight is based on the volume weight and the actual weight, whichever is greater; volume weight=length*width*height/6000CM; the charging weight is based on our domestic warehouse The measured volume of the package shall prevail; the minimum of a single piece is 10KG, and the weight of less than 10KG shall be calculated according to 10KG

Packaging requirements: 

(1) For goods sent to Amazon, please affix the FBA label sticker on your own. If a single piece exceeds 15 kg, please follow the Amazon FBA regulations and affix the "Team Lift" label. Each package must be Paste more than 2 qualified FBA label stickers and cover them with transparent adhesive tape (must be clear, moisture-proof and abrasion resistant). If the FBA label cannot be identified and cannot be delivered to the Amazon warehouse, the consequences will be sent People bear it!    

(2) Charged products, the list needs remarks.
(3) The outer box should be tough and clean, yellow tape should not be used, and modified boxes should not be used

3 CE products: The customer is required to print the CE mark on the shipping package and provide a qualified CE certificate during customs inspection, otherwise the responsibility caused by this will be borne by the customer.
4 Cargo information: Provide a complete and detailed description of the goods truthfully, including material, use, product value and other information. The risk caused by the discrepancy between the provided information and the actual situation is borne by the customer.
5 Compensation plan: Lost before the withdrawal is paid at RMB40/KG without refunding the freight, if the loss after the UPS has been paid, the compensation amount (maximum 100USD/ticket), if due to product, receipt If the goods cannot be delivered due to reasons such as the person, our company will assist in handling the goods, such as the final long-term detention or confiscated and destroyed by the customs, our company is not responsible, and the delivery is the default!


*The final interpretation right of this quotation belongs to Shenzhou Qinren Logistics Co., Ltd.*

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