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Mason Clippers

海运拼箱-深圳-美国 分泡30%,单件10公斤起,不足10公斤按10公斤计重
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Product description


Divide 30%, starting from 10 kg per piece, weighing less than 10 kg is 10 kg

Basic Information  
Pick up location Service country channel Shipping Back-end delivery Remarks
101-500KG 501-999KG 1001KG+
Shenzhen Bantian Warehouse a district
(Zip code starts with 9, 8)

Shanghai A price
Shanghai Maison Clippers
Channel code: USHP-MS

From 101KG

7.5 7.5 7.5 UPS delivery Five cut three open
Double tax package
Pick up within 9-11 working days after sailing
Second District
(Zip code starts with 7/6/5)
8.5 8.5 8.5
Third District
(Zip code starts with 4/3/2/1/0)
9.5 9.5 9.5
China Qinren Logistics Limited Time Promotional Price No incidental charges for textiles, FDA (sensitive goods), shoes and bags +1/KG Shipments over 450KG are divided by default.


Access to private address +1/KG (minimum consumption 250/ticket)
weight restriction Single item over 30KG is rejected
Super product name A single ticket with more than 5 product names will be charged 35RMB/piece
Remarks This quotation includes the tax of the destination port, but does not include the warehouse rent and cabinet rent caused by customs inspection, the PREPULL caused by Amazon's warehouse explosion, warehouse rent, overtime waiting fees and customs penalty for non-compliance with the declaration, etc.
Reject product Anti-dumping products (bicycles, electric bicycles, ceramics, large solar photovoltaic products, automobile wheels, etc.), unicycles, scooters, balance bikes
Separate customs declaration A separate customs declaration is acceptable, plus 400 yuan/ticket;


1 Related products that come into direct contact with the human body must have relevant European qualification certification and related certificates, which must be submitted to our company in advance, and the shipment can be arranged after the review is passed, otherwise our company will not accept such goods. Common products in direct contact with the human body: baby products such as baby bottles, molar sticks, children's toys; cups, knives, forks, dishes and chopsticks that directly contact the oral cavity; foundations, essential oils, eye shadows and other cosmetics.
2 Chargeable weight: The chargeable weight is based on the volumetric weight and the actual weight, whichever is greater; volumetric weight=length*width*height/6000CM; the chargeable weight is subject to the volume measured by our domestic warehouse package;

Packaging requirements:

(1) Only take the carton package and be strong, and the minimum single piece must reach 10KG. If the weight of the single piece (including the volume weight of the single piece, the volume weight of the single piece is calculated according to length*width*height/6000 as the accounting standard) exceeds 31KG, its Between 31KG and 39KG, an additional RMB100/piece; between 40KG and 70KG, an additional RMB200/piece; a single piece of goods above 70KG will be rejected.

(2) The longest side exceeds 100CM, or the second length exceeds 76cm, plus RMB50/piece, if it exceeds 270CM, it will be rejected;

(3) Large package surcharge: if the sum of outer length exceeds 330cm (ie 1 length + 2 width + 2 height ≥ 330cm), 450/piece shall be charged, and the minimum chargeable weight of this piece of goods is 40KG/CTN, Comply with: 2) and 1) standards, the two surcharges will be charged at the same time; 3. The maximum limitation is: The single side does not exceed 274cm, the single piece does not exceed 70kg, and the outer length is less than 419cm (ie 1 length + 2 width + 2 height< 419cm) is subject to an additional processing fee (accumulative additional charge) 40 yuan/piece: A. Irregularly packaged goods (any cylindrical items that cannot be completely packed in general cartons, such as wooden barrels, drums, cylinders) Or tire); B any package with the longest edge longer than 152CM or the second-longest edge over 76CM; C package with actual weight greater than 31KG.

(4) For goods sent to Amazon, please affix the FBA label sticker on your own. If a single piece exceeds 15 kg, please affix the "Team Lift" label according to Amazon FBA regulations. Each outer box must be pasted with more than 2 qualified labels. The FBA label sticker should be covered with transparent tape (the barcode must be clear, moisture-proof and abrasion resistant). If the FBA label cannot be identified and cannot be sent to the Amazon warehouse, the consequences will be borne by the sender!

(5) For live products, the list needs to be remarked.

4 CE products: The customer is required to print the CE mark on the shipping package and provide a qualified CE certificate during customs inspection, otherwise the responsibility caused by this will be borne by the customer.
5 Cargo information: Provide a complete and detailed description of the goods truthfully, including information about material, purpose, product value, etc. The risk caused by the discrepancy between the provided information and the actual situation is borne by the customer.

Later delivery:

(1) The back-end is UPS delivery mode, one-stop service, no fastener service is accepted after loading;

(2) If the delivery address is incorrect due to the sender’s error, the cost of changing the UPS address and the cost of deduction, or the recipient’s refusal to deliver the second delivery will be borne by the customer;

(3) For remote addresses, please check by yourself. If it is remote, please notify our co-workers in advance. If the remote address is not notified in time, the sender shall bear the remote cost, and the charge will be valid within 6 months;

(4) Our company does not promise 100% success for the temporary seizure and relocation business. If there is this problem, our company will not bear any compensation.

(5) If Amazon refuses to accept the shipment, the return shipping fee and any other additional costs incurred, the sender is responsible for it, and our company will not bear any responsibility!



(1) Delays caused by force majeure factors (strikes, wars, natural disasters, customs factors, government actions, etc.) or due to incomplete, unclear, or incorrect information provided by customers or because the goods provided do not meet customs import and export requirements, Our company is not responsible for damages, losses, or even losses caused by customs detention, confiscation or fines, and the customer bears the risks and responsibilities arising therefrom.

(2) The invoice declaration must be consistent with the goods, otherwise we will not be responsible for the delay or loss and customs deduction. The local customs determine that the goods are branded goods, or certification issues such as CE, Bluetooth, HDMI, FDA, FCC, Lacey Act, DOT (not limited to the above list), etc., or the goods are local anti-dumping goods or goods that do not meet local import requirements , The sender should provide the corresponding authorization letter or certification report before the shipment. If the goods are not provided and the goods are detained or returned, all responsibilities and related expenses will be borne by the sender.


Compensation clause:

In the course of transportation, if the whole ticket is lost or deducted from customs, and cannot be retrieved within 2 months from the date of shipment, our company will compensate 40 yuan/KG without refunding the freight. If the customer declares incomplete or product infringement, it will not be applicable This clause.

Specially declare that compensation will not be accepted in the following circumstances:

(1) If due to infringement issues, our company does not bear any responsibility and reserves the right to pursue the sender for compensation for the losses caused by our company;

(2) If the goods are not declared in accordance with the actual value, infringement of intellectual property rights, product accessories do not meet the requirements of EU countries, local import prohibition and other reasons caused by customs detention, this situation is not within the scope of compensation, our company will only assist in the shipment Provide customs clearance documents;

(3) Compensation will not be accepted due to the quality of the customer’s goods and specific certification issues;

(4) In case of war, natural disasters and other force majeure factors, no compensation will be accepted unless the goods are damaged or lost;

(5) In the course of transportation, if there is an overall time limit delay caused by flight delays/customs clearance delays, etc., compensation will not be accepted.

(6) Loss after UPS pick-up and transshipment is subject to UPS compensation standards, and the maximum per ticket does not exceed 100 USD, and the UPS compensation bill shall prevail.

(7) Fragile products: Only the original packaging is accepted. If the packaging is found to be changed, it will not be accepted. Fragile products will not accept any damage compensation!

(8) No compensation will be accepted for lack of product quantity, partial loss/damage. Once the goods are delivered, the rules of this clause are assumed.

9 Product restrictions: This route does not accept the following goods: imitation brands, mobile phones, watches, tablets, cubes, tops, TV shopping goods, goods originating outside China, bicycles and accessories, pure electricity, liquids, powders, food, Drugs, flammable and explosive dangerous goods, antiques, imitation antiques, jelly, books, currency, airtight packaging and other countries banned exports and railway companies banned items; if there are any found flushing or charging without remarks, the goods will be confiscated and fined RMB20000RMB/ticket.
10 For individual electronic products, if there are CE, Bluetooth, HDMI, FDA, FCC, Lacey Act, DOT, etc. marks, or are local anti-dumping goods, or goods that do not meet the import requirements of the destination country, please provide relative information to assist in customs clearance; if not timely If the delivery or failure to provide leads to the deduction and return of the goods, all the responsibilities and expenses incurred will be borne by the sender;


*The final interpretation right of this quotation belongs to Shenzhou Qinren Logistics Co., Ltd.*

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Mason Clippers
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