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European double clearing tax package live line-express line
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European double clearing tax package live line-express line

Direct flights to Hong Kong, split 50%, express customs clearance, oil + double clearance + tax package + volume/6000, can be connected to pure electricity, mobile power (see catalog for additional charges)
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European double clearing tax package live line-express line

Direct flights to Hong Kong, split 50%, express customs clearance, oil + double clearance + tax package + volume/6000, can be connected to pure electricity, mobile power (see catalog for additional charges)

Basic Information    
Pick up location Service country Withdrawal time limit after exit Shipping Back-end delivery Remarks
10-20KG 21-45KG 46-70KG 71-99KG 100-299KG 300-499KG 500KG+
First weight 0.5KG Continued weight 0.5KG CNY/KG CNY/KG CNY/KG CNY/KG CNY/KG CNY/KG
深圳坂田仓库 Germany 4-6 working days for withdrawal 150 35 59.5 57.5 56.5 56.5 56.5 56.5 UPS delivery

Separate 50% of the invoice box list with the goods, and provide the electronic file customs declaration data before the separate declaration is shipped. To

A single piece of more than 30KG will be charged 30 Euros/piece

United Kingdom 60 58 56.5 56.5 56.5 56.5
France 60 58 56.5 56.5 56.5 56.5
Spain, Italy, Netherlands 62.5 60 59 59 58.5 58.5
Czech Republic, Poland, Luxembourg, Ireland, Austria, Estonia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Denmark, Hungary, Finland, Greece, Romania, Sweden, Lithuania, Croatia, Portugal, Bulgaria, Estonia, Romania, Latvia, Portugal 64 61.5 60.5 60 60 60


The customer fills in the handover list, packing list, invoice (the electronic file declaration information is required for the separate customs declaration) → the goods arrive at the Shenzhou warehouse → self-order and paste LB → customs declaration → Hong Kong flight → arrival customs clearance → UPS pickup and delivery

Additional catalogue: the minimum weight of a single piece is 10 kg, and the weight of less than 10 kg is calculated as 10 kg (the same for small items less than 21 kg), and the minimum surcharge for small items is 50/ticket (the surcharge for non-Amazon addresses is also the minimum consumption 50/ticket )

Compensation instructions

1) If there is a loss of uncollected parts, the maximum declared value compensation will not exceed 40RMB/KG of the freight, and the freight will not be refunded; the final UPS has withdrawn the confirmed lost parts, according to UPS/Federal official compensation of up to 100 US dollars/ticket (regardless of For the declaration or the value of the goods, the delivery is the default compensation clause of our company).

2) If the goods are not received, an application must be filed for inquiry processing within one month. Overdue items will not be provided with acceptance problems.

3) The compensation fee is charged to your company's system account to offset the freight.

4) Please pack the goods in a regular and tough box. If the goods are damaged or lost, no compensation will be given (high-value customers are advised to purchase insurance by themselves)

5) After delivery, the private address of the goods is guaranteed to be picked up. After the pickup, our company will not be responsible and cannot claim compensation.

6) If the goods are detained/destroyed by the customs due to product reasons, no compensation will be made.

Increase CNY1/KG Tempered film, alcohol cotton, mobile phone case, overseas warehouse (private address), data cable, hardware, metal
Increase CNY2/KG Pens, binoculars, vacuum machines, adult products, glasses, alarm clocks, shorter knives (matching knives), drones (aircraft), fans, false eyelashes (wigs), bicycle (automobile) accessories, cosmetics, inflatable cushions (Inflatable bag, inflatable bed, regardless of material), wax beans, equipment (heaters, alarms, juicers, humidifiers, etc.), beauty equipment (massage, cleansing, curling irons, straight hair Stick), shaver, bags, all textiles (including umbrellas, raincoats, bath balls, no matter what material), bags, lights (flashlights), leather products, smart bracelets (sports bracelets, pedometers) ), clinical thermometer, sphygmomanometer, animal repellent, thermometer, notebook computer, small amount of liquid (supporting liquid), nail glue, etc., bath salt ball, strong magnetic products (good insulation packaging), walkie-talkie (in case of inspection of goods, possible Communication related materials are required), set-top boxes, digital tablets (handwriting tablets), nail guns, routers, players (audio), hard drives, computer displays, cameras, tablets, navigators, driving recorders and other high-value products, pumps, Electronic lighters (igniters, etc.), glass products
Increase in price CNY3/KG Shoes, clothing (wearables), cloth, hats, gloves (regardless of material), socks, etc., USB flash drives, SD cards; mobile phone +3RMB/piece, watch (strap) +5RMB/KG (if there are other additional fee items Superimposed charges required)
Increase CNY5/KG Electronic cigarette (without smoke oil)
Increase CNY8/KG Pure batteries, mobile power supplies, and power banks (a single item minimum of 12KG, less than 12KG, calculated according to 12KG, single ticket minimum 21KG, less than 21KG rejected)
Remote fee The remote fee is 4.2RMB*fuel/KG of the month, and the minimum one ticket is 226RMB*fuel of the month. Please check the remote by yourself (if there is a remote bill abroad, our company will charge the remote fee, which is valid for a long time). Known remote address: ES_45224 UPS Multi and Single  
change address You can try to change the address before picking up the goods. The cost of changing the address is 25 Euro/piece, and the exchange rate is *8.2;
Multiple product names plus An additional 35RMB/piece will be charged for the whole ticket declaration exceeding 5 product names, and the single declaration exceeding 5 will be rejected
Reject product Do not accept counterfeit brands, liquids, powders, food, medicines, inflammables and explosives, antiques, mobile phones, strong magnets, ceramics, infringing products, large amounts of liquids, currencies and other countries banned exports and airlines banned items; It is found that the non-remark behavior of the flushing goods is confiscated and fined. Sensitive goods such as knives, live, magnetic, liquid powder and other sensitive goods have not been declared or the declaration is not consistent. Our company has found a minimum fine of 2000RMB per ticket.
Separate customs declaration Acceptable customs declaration: 300RMB/ticket+1 yuan China-Hong Kong fee + renewal fee 50/page, minimum port fee 100RMB/ticket
Special Note

1. No imitation brand, liquid, powder, food, medicine, flammable and explosive, antique, mobile phone, pure battery, infringing products, mobile power, large amount of liquid, wooden box, strong magnet, currency and other countries prohibit export and airlines Prohibited items;

2. If there is any non-remark behavior of flushing goods, the goods will be confiscated and fined. Sensitive goods such as knives, live, magnetic, liquid powders and other sensitive goods have not been declared or the declaration is not consistent, and our company will find a minimum fine of 2000RMB per ticket.

3. If the declared product name and quantity are inconsistent with the actual situation, or any problems caused by the untrue information of the packing list and invoice, our company will not bear any responsibility;

4. If the cargo system delivered to any channel of our company has issued a transfer order or has been printed, the operation fee of 100RMB/ticket (before delivery) shall be charged for the return;

5. Our company will no longer do any review on the packaging. If the Amazon warehouse refuses to accept due to packaging and other issues, our company will not bear any responsibility.

6. Our company cannot guarantee that 100% of all shipments will be found in the company. If the service provider refuses to accept the shipment due to problems such as the goods, materials, packaging, etc., all costs and responsibilities incurred will be borne by the sender

7. Be sure to declare truthfully. If the customs finds that the declaration does not match, a fine of at least 50 Euros/piece will be incurred, which will be borne by the customer! (No fines are provided!!)

8. Before exporting products (such as wood products, magnetic, liquid, paste and other sensitive goods), the airline company checks and charges fees: fine 2000RMB/ticket + return land freight (reimbursed) + foreign operation fee 1 Euro /KG (No fines are provided!!) Exchange rate 1:8.2

9. If the goods have not been received, please inform our company to initiate an inspection within 1 month after delivery. After this query time, foreign countries will no longer accept investigations, claims and other matters!

10. This channel applies for UPS hand-signed orders, foreign countries will charge a fee of 5 Euro/piece, if you need to hand-sign the order, you need to confirm the fee;

11. If the goods are returned due to rejection or unsuccessful delivery, the expenses incurred for return, re-dispatch, labeling, etc. are subject to our company's bill, and foreign bills are not available for viewing;


Quote description


Bubble rules:

If the weight of a single ticket is more than 10KG, it will be charged at 10KG (actual weight and volume). If the volume is not 10KG, the size is 39*39*40, and the single ticket is 21KG. The condition must also be met after splitting.

For example, the actual weight is 6 kg, the volume is 15 kg, and the actual weight must be added to 10 kg before it starts to be divided.

Example: 1 ticket 5 pieces Total actual weight: 25kg Volume weight: 65kg Calculated as half-bubble, the chargeable weight is 45kg, the average calculated weight is 9kg, less than 10kg, the charge is 10kg, and the final settlement weight is 5x10=50kg
1 ticket 1 piece Actual weight 10kg Volume weight: 22kg Calculated by half-bubble, the chargeable weight is 16kg, if it is less than 21kg, 21kg is charged
Small goods prices are not divided


Overlength, heavy expenses

1. The standard package should not be more than 30kg (real weight), and the longest side of the box should be less than 100cm, and the second long side should be less than 76cm; if it exceeds the standard specifications, each package will be charged 15 euros

2. When the actual weight or volume exceeds 32kg, or the package exceeds [length+2*(width+height)] more than 300 cm, but not more than 400 cm, an extra 60 Euro large package fee will be charged.

3. UPS refuses to accept parcels whose weight exceeds 70KG or the longest side exceeds 274cm or [length+2*(width+height)] exceeds 419cm. The extra-large package fee is valid for a long time, and our company will charge for extra bills from abroad.

3 Chargeable weight: The chargeable weight is based on the volumetric weight and the actual weight, whichever is greater; volumetric weight=length*width*height/6000CM; the chargeable weight is subject to the volume measured by our domestic warehouse package;

Packaging requirements:

(1) Please affix the FBA label sticker for the goods sent to Amazon by yourself. If a single piece exceeds 15 kg, please affix the "Team Lift" label according to the regulations of Amazon FBA. Each package must be pasted with more than 2 qualified labels. FBA label stickers and covered with transparent tape (must be clear barcode font, moisture-proof and wear-resistant). If the FBA label cannot be identified or the recipient rejects it (product problems, etc.), it cannot be delivered to the Amazon warehouse The consequences brought about will be borne by the sender himself (reimbursed based on the actual reimbursement provided to our company by foreign countries, and no bills are provided for viewing)! ,

(2) For live products, the list needs to be remarked.

5 CE products: The customer is required to print the CE mark on the shipping package and provide a qualified CE certificate during customs inspection, otherwise the responsibility caused by this will be borne by the customer.
6 Cargo information: Provide a complete and detailed description of the goods truthfully, including information about material, purpose, product value, etc. The risk caused by the discrepancy between the provided information and the actual situation is borne by the customer.

Later delivery:

(1) The back-end is UPS delivery mode, one-stop service, no fastener service is accepted after loading;

(2) If the delivery address is incorrect due to the sender’s error, the cost of changing the UPS address and the cost of deduction, or the recipient’s refusal to deliver the second delivery will be borne by the customer;

(3) For remote addresses, please check by yourself. If it is remote, please notify our co-workers in advance. If you fail to notify the remote address in time, the sender shall bear the remote costs. This fee is valid within 6 months;

(4) Our company does not promise 100% success for the temporary seizure and relocation business. If there is this problem, our company will not bear any compensation.

(5) If Amazon refuses to accept the shipment, the return shipping fee and any other additional costs incurred, the sender is responsible for it, and our company will not bear any responsibility!



(1) Delays caused by force majeure factors (strikes, wars, natural disasters, customs factors, government actions, etc.) or due to incomplete, unclear, or incorrect information provided by customers or because the goods provided do not meet customs import and export requirements, Our company is not liable for damages, losses, or even losses caused by customs detention, confiscation or fines, and the customer bears the risks and responsibilities arising therefrom.

(2) The invoice declaration must be consistent with the goods, otherwise we will not be responsible for the delay or loss and customs deduction. The local customs determine that the goods are branded goods, or certification issues such as CE, Bluetooth, HDMI, FDA, FCC, Lacey Act, DOT (not limited to the above list), etc., or the goods are local anti-dumping goods or goods that do not meet local import requirements , The sender should provide the corresponding authorization letter or certification report before the shipment. If the goods are not provided and the goods are detained or returned, all responsibilities and related expenses will be borne by the sender.

(3) Please note the clear delivery code channel when delivering. If the note is not clear, our company will use the most expensive channel of the service provider for settlement.

(4) Please check the list, face-to-face, invoice, etc. clearly when delivering, and whether they are consistent with each other. If there is a discrepancy between the two, you will be responsible

9 The double-clearance package service refers to the provision of customs clearance declarations for goods exported to China and imported into the destination country (customs clearance fees are borne by our company), and tariff payment services (customs duties are borne by our company), but does not include the provision of import and export qualifications for goods , Does not include providing brand, patent, FDA and other authorization and safety certification for the goods, these documents are provided by the actual shipper or consignee of the goods. For any problems arising from the need to provide customs documents, certification and other types of products, our company does not bear any responsibility, nor is it responsible for the return of such goods after they are out of the warehouse.


*The final interpretation right of this quotation belongs to Shenzhou Qinren Logistics Co., Ltd.*

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