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China-Hong Kong Export Express Price List (RMB)

★ Customers provide accurate product names, preferably their own packing documents, and the charges are as follows: 1. Hong Kong carpool self-raising price list:
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Price list of China-Hong Kong export express (RMB)

★ The customer provides accurate product name, it is best to bring your own packing documents, and the charges are as follows:


1. Hong Kong carpool self-increasing price list:

Volume Weight Price Remarks
-0.50CBM -60KG Minimum 80 yuan/ ticket Fit big first
+0.50CBM +60KG 260/CBM or 1.30/KG


2. Delivery price list:

Kilogram level Kowloon District New Territories Hong Kong Island District
1-150KG ¥150 ¥200 ¥250
151-300KG ¥200 ¥250 ¥250
301-500KG ¥250 ¥300 ¥300
501-800KG ¥0.40/KG ¥0.45/ KG ¥0.60/ KG
801-1000 KG ¥0.35/KG ¥0.40/ KG ¥0.50/ KG


3. In special areas, an additional fee schedule is required for each ticket:

Tsing Yi Youlian Ship Warehouse, Room 901, International Express Center, Wanyunjia Logistics, 110 Tai Lam Chung Village, Tuen Mun, Zhenxiong Warehouse, Kwai Chung ¥250
Tuen Mun River Trade Terminal, G/F, Cheung Tat Road, Tsing Yi, Wing Kei Kerry Warehouse in Kwai Chung, Tsuen Wan United Cargo Center ¥200
Yongnan Warehouse, Tsing Yi Island Xicaowan Warehouse, Xinxing Hongji Warehouse, Cheung Sha Wan Runfa Warehouse, Fanling Anle Village Logistics Warehouse, Jianlong Warehouse ¥150
Kowloon Warehouse, Tsuen Wan International Express Center, Shatin Weida Center, Kowloon Bay Sanxiang Cargo Center, To Kwa Wan Underground ¥100
Wenjindu Lot, Kerry Warehouse, other underground warehouses, etc. ¥100
Remote areas (Aberdeen, The Peak, Repulse Bay, Ya Oasis, Sha Tau Kok, Jardines Lookout, San Tin, Lok Ma Chau, Kam Tin, Clear Water Bay, Sai Kung, Man Kam To, Tsing Yi Island, Ma On Shan, residential areas) ¥100


4. The price list of warehouse entry (Kwai Chung Container Terminal No. 1 Building, plus ¥50):

Kilogram level Airport warehouse Terminal warehouse
1-500KG ¥400 ¥450
More than 501 kg Additional weight ¥0.40/KG Additional weight ¥0.40/KG
Remarks Reimbursement for the excess of the registration fee Reimbursement for the excess of the registration fee


5. Except for airports, terminals and special remote areas, all delivery addresses with registration fees are regarded as warehouses, and the minimum charge is 400 yuan per ticket


6. All light foam cargoes are charged at 200 kg per cubic meter


The above is for reference only, and the pricing is based on the logistics market in real time

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