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Mainland UPS Red List

Continental UPS Red List America can receive general cargo, with magnetic, remarks 5000/6000/7000
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Product description
Mainland UPS Red Order America can receive general cargo, with magnetic, remarks 5000/6000/7000 Peak season surcharge +5RMB/KG
Pick-up location Country served Withdrawal time limit after exit Service type 23KG-44kg 45kg-72kg 73kg-100kg 101kg-299kg 300KG UPS delivery 1. The actual weight is 23KG and the volume is 28KG (the actual weight reaches 21KG, if the actual weight is less than 23KG, the charge is 28KG)
2. The weight is more than 73KG (when the foam weight reaches 73 and does not reach 75KG, if the actual weight does not reach 73KG, the charge will be charged directly according to 75KG)
Canada only accepts private addresses (not including customs clearance or tax)
3. The billing weight must exceed 300KG and must be divided.
Shenzhen Bantian Warehouse United States Fetch on the same day Mainland Red Order 5000 53.5*U 53.5*U 53.5*U 53.5*U 53.5*U
Mainland Red Order 6000 61.5*U 61.5*U 61.5*U 61.5*U 61.5*U
Mainland Red List 7000 Pause


Customers fill in the handover form and invoice (the electronic file declaration information is required for separate customs declaration) → the goods arrive at Jinfeiqi warehouse→ independent order LB→ customs clearance & rarr; UPS pickup

Additional catalogue (additional tax-included channel surcharge, maximum 4/KG) (unknown products & high-value products, please consult separately): 1. The actual weight is 23KG and the volume is 28KG (the actual weight is less than 23KG) , Charge according to 28KG) 2. Actual weight above 73KG (if actual weight does not reach 75KG charge)

Operation fee An additional 150 yuan per ticket operation fee, remote fee, and overweight fee will be charged by our company according to the UPS official bill (Note: bill viewing is not provided). The billing weight of a single ticket exceeds 300 kg. The default split ticket is issued , Recharge operation fees, etc.
50RMB/ticket for tax-included channels Magnetic
Add 1RMB/KG for tax-inclusive channels Non-Amazon address
Add 1RMB/KG for tax-inclusive channels Accessories textile leather, earphones, pens, alcohol cotton, lamps, glasses, fiber wigs
Add 2RMB/KG for tax-inclusive channels Adult products, smart bracelets, vacuum machines (compressors, sealing machines), display screens, camera cameras, players, mobile phone screens, driving recorders, bicycle accessories, digital cameras, etc., etc. High-value product order inquiry
Watch strap (wrist strap), drone, tablet, set-top box, hand-painted tablet (digital tablet), strong magnetic products, thermometer, clinical thermometer, blood pressure meter, walkie-talkie, wax bean
Include tax channels Single quote Mobile phone +5/set Watches, knives, electronic cigarettes, igniters (no gas, no oil) +3/KG
Add 48RMB* fuel/piece of the month 1. Irregular goods 2. Non-carton packaging goods 3. Longest side≥122CM 4. Second Longside≥76CM 5. The actual weight of a single piece>30KG; (Any one of these 5 conditions is required to be charged, no repeated charges, no cumulative charges)
Add 466RMB*fuel for the month/piece (width+height)*2+length, exceeding 330CM, not exceeding 419CM. (UPS rejects the goods whose longest side exceeds 270cm)
Remote extra charge All Italian postal codes charge a remote fee
In Spain, except for MAD4 warehouse address, postcode 28830 does not charge remoteness fee, all other postal code addresses charge remoteness fee, remote fee charges 4.5RMB* fuel/KG of the month, the minimum one ticket charges 226RMB* fuel of the month, please check remote areas, UPS remote fees long term effective. , The overweight fee is charged according to the UPS official bill (note: bill viewing is not provided). The US red bill does not include tax or customs clearance. If tariffs are generated, 150RMB handling fee + tariff reimbursement will be charged, non-Amazon address surcharge: 26RMB* fuel
weight plus UPS requires a minimum of 6KG for a single box, and if it is less than 6KG, the number of pieces in Europe is 136.58RMB*fuel*;
Customs declaration separately Customs declaration fee 350/ticket
Extra size extra
First charge according to this standard, and refund more and less make up after the UPS bill is down (the bill view is not provided)
The following surcharges: RMB48 and RMB466 + fuel for the current month, which are also repeated surcharges:
Example 1: If the actual weight of a single piece is more than 30kg and less than 35kg, an additional RMB 48/piece will be charged for fuel oil
Example 2: (Width+Height)*2+If the length is greater than 330cm and less than 419cm, an additional RMB 466 + fuel/piece charge of the month will be charged
Example 3: (width + height) *2 + RMB 466*2 + fuel/piece charge for the month if the length is greater than 419cm
Rejected product

Imitation brands, liquids, powders, food, medicines, flammable and explosive, antiques, infringing products, large amounts of liquids, currencies, etc. are prohibited from export or prohibited by airlines;

If there is any non-remark behavior of flushing goods, the goods will be confiscated and fined. Sensitive goods such as knives, live, magnetic, liquid powders and other sensitive goods have not been declared or the declaration is not consistent, and our company will find a minimum fine of 1000RMB/ticket for the flushing process.

Special instructions 1. No imitation brand, liquid, powder, food, medicine, flammable and explosive, antique, infringing products, mobile power, large amount of liquid, wooden box, strong magnet, currency, etc. are prohibited Export and airline prohibited items;
2. If there is any non-remark behavior of flushing goods, the goods will be confiscated and fined. Sensitive goods such as knives, live, magnetic, liquid powder and other sensitive goods have not been declared or the declaration is not consistent, and our company will deal with the goods and find a minimum fine of 1000RMB/ticket.
3. If the declared product name and quantity are inconsistent with the actual situation, or any problems caused by the untrue information of the packing list and invoice, our company will not bear any responsibility;
4. If the cargo system delivered to any channel of our company has issued a transfer order or has been printed, the operation fee of 100RMB/ticket (before delivery) will be charged for the return of the shipment;
5. Our company will no longer do any review on the packaging. If the Amazon warehouse refuses to accept due to packaging and other issues, our company will not bear any responsibility.
6. Our company cannot guarantee that 100% of all shipments will be found in the company. If the service provider refuses to accept the shipment due to problems with the goods itself, materials, packaging, etc., all costs and liabilities incurred will be borne by the sender


Quote description


Charging rules: The total chargeable weight of one-ticket and multiple goods is calculated based on the larger of the actual weight and volumetric weight of each package in the waybill, and if it is less than 0.5KG, it is calculated as 0.5KG, and if it exceeds 0.5KG, it is calculated as 1KG. The billable weight of each package is: per package
The sum of the billable weight (the billing weight of the whole ticket is an integer, and the billing weight of the whole ticket has no decimal point). For example, the data of 3 pieces of one ticket is as follows:

Real weight Volume weight Billable weight

First shipment 15.1KG 8.1KG 15.5KG

Second shipment 10.1KG 20.1KG 20.5KG

The third shipment 20.6KG 16.6KG 21.0KG

Then the total chargeable weight of this shipment is: 15.5+20.5+21.0=57KG

3 Charging weight: The charging weight is based on the volume weight and the actual weight, whichever is greater; volume weight=length*width*height/5000CM; the charging weight is based on our domestic warehouse The measured volume of the package shall prevail;
4 Packaging requirements:  ;
(1) If the goods are sent to Amazon, please affix the FBA label sticker by yourself. The single piece exceeds 15 kg. Please follow the Amazon FBA regulations and affix the "Team Lift" label. Each package must be affixed to 2 The above qualified FBA label stickers are covered with transparent adhesive tape (the barcode font must be clear, moisture-proof and abrasion resistant). If the FBA label cannot be identified and cannot be sent to the Amazon warehouse, the consequences will be borne by the sender. !
(2) For live products, the list needs to be remarked.
5 CE products: The customer is required to print the CE mark on the shipping package and provide a qualified CE certificate during customs inspection, otherwise the responsibilities arising therefrom shall be borne by the customer.
6 Cargo information: Provide a complete and detailed description of the goods truthfully, including information about material, purpose, product value, etc. The risk caused by the discrepancy between the provided information and the actual situation is borne by the customer.
7 Subsequent delivery:
(1) The back-end is UPS delivery mode, one-stop service, no fastener service is accepted after loading;
(2) If the delivery address is incorrect due to the sender’s error, the cost of changing the UPS address and the cost of deduction, or the recipient’s refusal to deliver the second delivery will be borne by the customer;
(3) Please check the remote address yourself. If it is remote, please notify our co-workers in advance. If the remote address is not notified in time, the sender shall bear the remote cost. This fee is valid within 6 months;
(4) Our company does not promise 100% success for the temporary seizure and relocation business. If there is this problem, our company will not bear any compensation.
(5) If Amazon refuses to accept the shipment, the return shipping fee and any other additional costs incurred, the sender is responsible for it, and our company will not bear any responsibility!
8 Disclaimer:
(1) Delays caused by force majeure factors (strikes, wars, natural disasters, customs factors, government actions, etc.) or due to incomplete, unclear, or incorrect information provided by customers or because the goods provided do not meet customs import and export requirements, Our company is not responsible for damages, losses, or even losses caused by customs detention, confiscation or fines, and the customer bears the risks and responsibilities arising therefrom.
(2) The invoice declaration must be consistent with the goods, otherwise we will not be responsible for the delay or loss and customs deduction. The local customs determine that the goods are branded goods, or certification issues such as CE, Bluetooth, HDMI, FDA, FCC, Lacey Act, DOT (not limited to the above list), etc., or the goods are local anti-dumping goods or goods that do not meet local import requirements , The sender should provide the corresponding authorization letter or certification report before the shipment. If the goods are not provided and the goods are detained or returned, all responsibilities and related expenses will be borne by the sender. (3) Please note the clear delivery code channel when delivering. If the note is not clear, our company will use the most expensive channel of the service provider for settlement.
(4) Please check the list, face-to-face, invoice, etc. before delivery, whether they are consistent with each other. If there is a discrepancy between the two, you will be responsible for the consequences
9 Indemnity description:
1) Lost before picking up will be compensated by RMB40/KG without refund of freight. If lost after picking up by UPS, it will be compensated according to the UPS amount (maximum 100USD/ticket). Tax, if the goods are detained, our company will assist in processing, if the final customs detains or confiscates and destroys for a long time, our company will not be responsible.
2) All compensation documents must be applied for processing or claims within one month, and overdue documents will not be accepted and compensated.
3) The compensation fee is charged into your company's system account to offset the freight.
4) Please use a regular and tough box to pack the goods. If the goods are damaged or lost, no compensation will be paid (high-value customers are advised to purchase insurance by themselves) 5) Delivery is regarded as default
10 Double-clearance tax package service refers to the provision of customs clearance declarations for goods exported to China and imported to the destination country (customs clearance fees are borne by our company), and tariff payment services (tariffs are borne by our company), but It does not include the provision of import and export qualifications for the goods, and does not include the provision of brand, patent, FDA and other authorization and safety certifications for the goods. These documents are provided by the actual shipper or consignee of the goods. For any problems arising from the need to provide customs documents, certification and other types of products, our company does not bear any responsibility, nor is it responsible for the return of such goods after they are out of the warehouse


*The final interpretation right of this quotation belongs to Shenzhou Qinren Logistics Co., Ltd.*

Mainland UPS Red List
Continental UPS Red List United States
Mainland UPS Red List America can receive general cargo
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