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What does a Hong Kong freight forwarder do

What does a Hong Kong freight forwarder do

What does a Hong Kong freight forwarder do


  Hong Kong freight forwarders are mainly engaged in the collection and delivery of goods for transportation companies (sea, land, and air), and thus play an important role in completing the trade between cargo owners and merchants.

Hong Kong freight forwarder

  Hong Kong Freight Forwarder Job Responsibilities:

  1. The Hong Kong freight forwarding company arranges the entire shipping process such as booking, packing, customs declaration, and cargo tracking according to the customer's power of attorney, and provides timely information feedback; accepts customer consultation and gives timely and accurate professional answers.

  2. Track the inland customs clearance and transportation abroad until the goods arrive at the project site safely.

  3. Skilled in making the documents required for import and export customs clearance.

  4. The Hong Kong freight forwarding company formulates transportation plans, collects costs, arranges quotations, and conducts bidding work according to business needs.

  5. The Hong Kong freight forwarding company is responsible for coordinating with the relevant departments of the company to deal with the emergency abnormal situation of the project, and it is recommended to formulate corresponding emergency plans and follow-up rectification measures.

  Hong Kong freight forwarding company job requirements:

  1. Hong Kong freight forwarding companies need to be familiar with the operation procedures and links of air and sea transportation; have certain English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills; be able to withstand certain work pressure; strong communication skills and problem-solving skills; skilled operation Everyday office software.

  2. The minimum education required is a junior college.

  3. The professional background required by the Hong Kong freight forwarding company is logistics, English, international economic and trade and other related majors.


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