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How much does a China Customs clearance agent generally cost

How much does a China Customs clearance agent generally cost

How much does a China Customs clearance agent generally cost


  How much does a China Customs clearance agent generally cost? (Import customs clearance agency) is mainly agency fees, and other fees are reasonable charges. China Customs clearance agent does not charge arbitrarily, and customs clearance means customs clearance. The formalities to be performed in accordance with various laws, regulations and stipulations when a country goes through customs.

China Customs clearance agent

  Only after the China Customs clearance agent customs clearance agency has fulfilled various obligations and gone through customs declaration, inspection, taxation, release and other procedures, the goods can be released, and the owner or the declarant can pick up the goods. Similarly, various means of transport carrying import and export goods entering or leaving the country or transshipment also need to declare to the customs, go through customs formalities, and obtain the permission of the customs. How do Chinese customs clearance agencies generally charge?

  The customs clearance fee of China Customs clearance agent includes three main costs: customs declaration fee, terminal fee and agency fee:

  1. China customs clearance agent customs declaration fee

  The customs declaration fees generated in import customs clearance are mainly customs declaration fees + value-added tax + customs duties. These three types of fees will be calculated and collected by the import customs clearance agency according to the actual cost. .

  2. China customs clearance agent terminal fee

  The terminal fees incurred in the process of import customs clearance mainly include: port construction fees, container inspection fees, container renewal fees, page renewal fees, order exchange fees, and scanning fees.

  3. China Customs clearance agent fee port import customs declaration fee

  When levying agency fees, Chinese customs clearance agencies will levy different agency fees according to different services. Some have high markups and some have low markups. Therefore, Chinese customs clearance agencies suggest that you must be careful when choosing an import agency customs declaration company.


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