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China Customs Freight Forwarding International Air Transport

China Customs Freight Forwarding International Air Transport

China Customs Freight Forwarding International Air Transport


  China Customs Freight Forwarding Air transportation refers to a mode of transportation that uses airplanes, helicopters and other aircraft to transport people, goods and mail. The origin, transit and destination of passengers, luggage, cargo and mail is a little bit of air transportation outside a country, mainly on international routes. International routes are established through bilateral air services agreements between governments.

China Customs freight forwarder

  China customs freight forwarder shipping fast

  Modern jet transports typically fire at around 90 mph, and Concorde can reach speeds of 1,350 mph. The air route is not limited by ground conditions, can fly in a straight line between two points, and the longer the distance, the more rapid the characteristics are;

  China customs freight forwarder is safe and accurate

  The air transportation management system is relatively complete, the damage rate of the goods is low, the transportation quality can be guaranteed, and the aircraft sailing has a certain schedule to ensure the arrival on time;

  China customs freight forwarding procedures are simple

  It provides the shipper with simple consignment procedures, and the freight forwarder can also pick up the goods and handle all the transportation procedures for them;

  China Customs Freight Forwarding Custody System Is Perfect

  The air transport storage system is perfect, and the cargo damage and cargo difference are less. These advantages can make up for the defect of high freight.


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