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Introduction to the Basic Knowledge of China Customs Freight Forwarding

Introduction to the Basic Knowledge of China Customs Freight Forwarding

Introduction to the Basic Knowledge of China Customs Freight Forwarding


  1. China customs freight forwarding organization and coordination

  The organization that helps the client to carry out transportation activities, the specific contents include: involving transportation routes, selecting transportation methods and carriers, coordinating cargo owners, carriers and their warehousing custodians, insurers, banks, ports, airports, stations, yard operators , customs (commodity inspection, health inspection, animal and plant inspection), import and export control and other related departments;

China Customs freight forwarder

  2. Professional services

  Provide services such as contracting, delivery, assembly, consolidation, unloading and delivery of goods; handle insurance, customs, health inspection, animal and plant quarantine, import and export control procedures; pay and collect freight, advance taxes and government regulations on behalf of clients fee;

  3. China customs freight forwarder communication control

  Maintain effective communication between the parties involved in the transportation of goods, and between the parties involved in the transportation of goods and other relevant enterprises and departments;


  4. Consultants

  The international freight forwarder provides clear advice to the client, assists the client to design and select an appropriate treatment plan, and reduces unnecessary risks and wastes;

  5. China customs freight forwarders reduce costs

  You can choose the best transportation route and method for the goods, suitable storage custodians, loading and unloading operators, and insurers, and get the fairest and most reasonable freight possible. International freight forwarders can also benefit all parties involved through the consolidation effect, thereby reducing the business cost of cargo transporters;

  6. China Customs Freight Forwarding Financing

  Instead of the consignee and the consignor, pay the relevant fees and taxes, settle the relevant fees with the carrier, warehousing custodian, and loading and unloading operators in advance, and provide them with cost guarantees based on reputation and strength.


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