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Service Scope


Integrated logistics service


Strong service:

China-Hong Kong Motors, China-Hong Kong Express

Customs declaration, tax refund, express delivery, chartered car, carpool

Door-to-door delivery service: Hong Kong-Shenzhen-Dongguan-Guangzhou

Supply chain distribution of professional accessories in the Pearl River Delta

Customs supervision of warehouse warehousing, airport, terminal pickup, and signing of receipt


International air and sea transportation: Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou airports and seaports lead to any logistics port in the world. . . . . .

Too many customs declarations, industrial documents (C/O,F/A… …)

Local customs clearance agent in destination country, deliver to customers

You only need to provide the packing list and the goods, and we will handle everything else;



Global air and sea agency

America, Asia logistics and international express market maker service, FBA e-commerce logistics


  • No need to declare customs, express mail advantage, fast customs clearance, coming soon
  • Agent inspection, agent declaration, agent tax refund, agent purchase documents
  • Collection of loans, agent dispatch of goods, agent warehousing, agent transfer
  • Sensitive goods, exhibition goods, bulk goods, special goods are handled cleverly


Domestic logistics

  • The safest logistics provider, the highest strategic partner, the most complete Chinese agent group, the most superior service price
  • Government registration, safe and reliable, working for many years, with the most complete network (multi-level agency in second- and third-tier cities);
  • Air transportation, various combined transportation, payment collection, various transit


People-oriented service

  • The most reasonable logistics plan design, tailor-made, makes logistics simple and personalized service mode, your logistics is a good helper, a good steward. Cost-saving, senior logistics experts budget expenses


Keep business secrets and save logistics costs

  • Keep business secrets and save logistics costs
  • The professional ethics of keeping business secrets for customers is required. Need to have good morals to save the whole society.
  • It is our constant pursuit to strive to save costs in providing customers with efficient and safe logistics.



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