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Shenzhou Qinren International Logistics Was Established In Shenzhen, China On December 18, 2001 With A Registered Capital Of 2 Million RMB. It Is An Independent Legal Entity Enterprise Approved By The Shenzhen Municipal Government And Registered In The Shenzhen Administration For Industry And Commerce.

As A Professional Logistics And Distribution Service Provider, Shenzhou Qinren Has A Professional Transportation Fleet, And Has Various Agent Qualifications Such As Customs Declaration, Tax Refund And Aviation, Railway, Automobile Transportation, And Water Transportation...

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Stand At The Starting Point Of The New Era And Assume The Responsibility Given By History. Provide Enterprises With Efficient And Convenient Customs Clearance Services

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    Experienced customs declaration team
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    Focus on import and export customs clearance agency services
    Transparency of various import costs for you

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Through Cooperation With Well-Known Logistics Companies At Home And Abroad, A Comprehensive Domestic And International Business Service Network Has Been Established. The Company's Business Scope Covers All Major And Medium Cities In China And All Over The World

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Understand The Dynamics Of Shenzhou Qinren Company And Grasp The Latest Information On Logistics And Distribution

Late Evening Report|Shenzhen Customs helps "double cycle" to create a new international logistics channel 2020-12-23
Recently, the "Bay Area Code" China-Europe Express honked its whistle from Shenzhen’s Pinghunan Railway Station and drove to its final station, Budapest, Hungary. The departure of this train marked the addition of the new “Shenzhen-Budapest” line two months after the "Bay Area Code" China-Europe Express Line started operation, which was also the first trip to Hungary in South China. The China-Europe Express Line will create a new land-based international logistics channel for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area to Europe. According to the introduction, the entire train will run for about 16 days, with a total of 82 TEUs (standard containers), a total weight of 362 tons, and a value of 25.25 million yuan. The types of goods are mainly advantageous commodities such as electronic products, household appliances and daily necessities in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. It is understood that the " Bay Area Code" China-Europe Express has been operating since August 18, 2020. From the first one per week, it has rapidly increased to weekly With 2 trains running, it has become the fastest growing China-Europe train in Guangdong. At present, the "Bay Area Code" China-Europe Express has covered 8 countries including Poland, Germany, Hungary, France, Spain, Italy, Russia, Kazakhstan, etc. along the route, and mainly includes machinery and equipment, epidemic prevention materials, Household appliances and other "Made in China" are delivered to countries in Europe and Asia. In order to ensure the safe and stable delivery of the Shenzhen China-Europe Express, Sungang Customs, a subsidiary of Shenzhen Customs, provides the "8-hour on-site supervision + 24-hour appointment for overtime" mode, giving priority to China Europe Cargo inspection of the train to ensure that the customs clearance procedures are completed before the train is shipped. Optimize the customs clearance process, promote the effective connection of roads, railways, and shipping, and open up intermodal transportation "microcirculation". At the same time, we actively promote the landing of imported return trains of China-Europe freight trains to maximize transport capacity. Since the first train was launched on August 18, 2,324 tons of goods with a total value of more than 166 million yuan have arrived in Europe through the "Bay Area Code". The relevant person in charge of Shenzhen Customs stated that taking the spring breeze of the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, the "Bay Area Code" The manufacturing cluster has established a stable trade bridge with the European market. In the future, Shenzhen Customs will continue to expand and superimpose new business formats, and gradually allow express mail, mail, and cross-border e-commerce goods to take the Shenzhen China-Europe Express. It is reported that the "Shenzhen-Budapest" new route opened this time has been adjusted and optimized in terms of improving the timeliness of operation. Song Haowen, deputy general manager of Sinotrans Shenzhen International Logistics Co., Ltd., said: " In the direction of development, we innovatively chose Ukraine Batjevo, which has relatively abundant route resources, to reinstall standard tracks and enter Hungary, effectively reducing the waiting time for track changes. " Shenzhen Evening News reporter Li Chao Correspondent Hao Zhenyu Liu Linlin
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